Pain and Fear – Connections

Which comes first, the pain or the fear?

Most people would say that once you have pain it makes you fearful that you’ll never recover, or if you do you’ll be plagued by pain in the future.  Also it can be scary considering the options for treatment – will I have to take strong medications; will I have to go for Chiropractic or the like which may hurt; will I have to have surgery?

Whilst these fears are normal, what’s not often appreciated is that fear and other emotions can actually cause chronic pain to occur in the first place. Research has come up with links between our body chemistry (which is affected by our emotions) and the likelihood of suffering chronic pain.  Check out this website:

That’s not to say you can’t get pain from the obvious causes like heavy lifting, accidents and poor posture.  And I’ll return to the subject of whether chiropractic treatment actually hurts in a future blog.