Helping The Elderly with Balance

Getting older can bring its challenges and when people start to lose their balance it can seriously restrict their activities.  It’s not always about falling over, it could just be a lack of confidence in movement, maybe fear of stairs or fear of walking in crowds.

The good news is that there is usually something that can be done about it.  If it’s accompanied by dizziness it may need a visit to the GP, though some dizziness issues can be helped by the Epley Manouever which can be done by chiropractors or by GPs.

If there is no dizziness there are exercises which can often help improve stability and I can teach them here on a one-to one basis.  I’ll then issue an instruction sheet so that exercises can be continued at home.  It’s necessary to take a medical history with the person first to rule out other causes and a physical exam is a good idea too.