Chiropractor; heal thyself!

Last week I found myself in the position of many of you I have treated. I developed lower back stiffness with an associated ache. For a few days I endeavoured to first ignore it, and then to try and treat myself.

When that didn’t help I contacted one of my colleagues to help and received a full chiropractic treatment. I had to answer her questions about when and why the stiffness had started (not so easy to pinpoint a time and place).

The treatment felt brilliant though tender in places – I hope I’m that good!

Following my treatment I rested and did the prescribed stretches advised by my chiropractor and as I write this I feel my old self again.

In hindsight I should have taken the time to have maintenance treatments which may have prevented the development of my problem, but we all know how busy modern life can be. What I am pleased about is that I did not wait too long for a treatment as it could have developed into a more intransigent condition and taken longer to respond to treatment.

So I will sign off with a smile and a skip and thankfully pain free. Good health to you all!