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Now Offering One-to-One Balance Sessions

As featured in this month’s Village magazine, I am now holding sessions setting balance exercises selected as appropriate to the individual’s ability and needs. The intention is to improve people’s movement and confidence. While this is not chiropractic, this is something that has come up repeatedly as a need, particularly for the elderly, so I… Continue Reading

Back Care Awareness Week 7-11 Oct 2013

Little bit late posting this: Back Care Awareness Week 7-11 Oct 2013 This years campaign is ‘Caring for Carers’ “Carers provide invaluable help and assistance to their children, friends, relatives, and partners, but what happens when their work leads to back pain, compromising their ability to care? Back pain is endemic among carers: a 2011… Continue Reading

Helping The Elderly with Balance

Getting older can bring its challenges and when people start to lose their balance it can seriously restrict their activities.  It’s not always about falling over, it could just be a lack of confidence in movement, maybe fear of stairs or fear of walking in crowds. The good news is that there is usually something… Continue Reading

Now offering Reiki Healing

Mark Writes: I’ve added an extra skill to my repertoire – Reiki, second degree. I did first degree almost 5 years ago but it is advised to do level 2 if you want to use it on the general public. It is a simple hands on healing system, seems a bit weird but gets some… Continue Reading

New Testimonial March 2013

Just wanted to say that after being in agonising pain with my shoulder for 5 months involving many hospital vista, X-rays & MRI scans I am now fixed and pain free thanks to Mark Sammons and alvechurch chiropractic clinic!! Thank you so much mark I cannot thank you or recommend you enough xx Dawn B Continue Reading

Pain and Fear – Connections

Which comes first, the pain or the fear? Most people would say that once you have pain it makes you fearful that you’ll never recover, or if you do you’ll be plagued by pain in the future.  Also it can be scary considering the options for treatment – will I have to take strong medications;… Continue Reading