Back Pain :

“Back pain is very subjective; one person’s ache might be severe pain to another. Difficult for any therapist to make judgments, but in the first session with Mark he was understanding, sympathetic and certainly non judgmental.

Twenty years before my first visit I had slipped a disc causing recurring pain.  In July 2013 the quality of my life was being affected by the pain.  Mark offered no miracle cures, suggested referral to an NHS consultant to check on any new damage, but more importantly offered advice and treatment as to coping with the pain that existed at that time.

Treatment was for a fixed period as I was aware of the cost. In that time the inflammation causing the acute pain subsided and the exercises and advice on living with a back problem have enabled me to stay relatively free from pain since. 

Mark’s understanding of need, his honesty, knowledge and professionalism, plus realisation that continual appointments may not be possible are reasons that I would recommend him to anyone suffering continual pain.”

Lady, 68, Low Back Pain :

“After 4 years of suffering severe low back pain I visited Mark Sammons who quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem. Six treatments later the improvement is so remarkable I have discontinued anti-inflammatory medication”

Lady, 78, Sciatica :

“Fortunately I found a McTimoney Chiropractor to relieve my frequent sciatica. Since having this treatment, now just every 3 months, the sciatica is almost non-existent. I also experience a genuine feeling of well-being after each session. I would recommend this gentle but effective treatment without hesitation as I have received such benefit.”

Lady, 38, Low Back Pain :

“I have suffered with lower back pain since having my children and the pain was exacerbated by working at a desk
all day. I was inflexible and found sitting, standing and sneezing(!) incredibly painful. Regular chiropractic treatment means that I am pain free, able to live my life in the way that I want and no longer have to curl up every time I feel a sneeze coming on!!”

Gentleman, 67, Uneven Walking. General Aches & Pains :

“All my life my leg was one-half inch out. I used to walk with a distinct sailor’s roll. In fact the imbalance caused me to put my back out. Mark’s treatment has eased the pain, put balance back into my walking and posture and, as a bonus, eased other aches and pains.”

Lady, 62, Low Back Pain :

“For many years I have had a lower back pain which has sometimes been so intense that I could hardly function without a lot of discomfort. Mark has cured the problem so that I can do my work and enjoy my leisure.”

Gentleman, 44, Neck Pain, Poor Sleep, Poor Neck Movement :

“For a number of years I had been experiencing virtually constant pain and discomfort in my neck. This led to restricted movement and a tendency to hold my head to one side. Both my waking and sleeping hours were affected –
getting to sleep and staying asleep was a challenge.

After 12 months of chiropractic treatment the pain has noticeably reduced, my mobility has improved (approaching traffic junctions no longer fills me with dread!) and my head is no longer lopsided.

Consequently my quality of life has improved and an interrupted night’s sleep is a thing of the past”